Thursday, January 31, 2013

Operation: "Porsche Camp Canada" Preparing and Packing

So it went that we were chosen to be the production company in charge of the commercial "Porsche Camp Canada". All my friends and colleagues are asking that why are you going there, isn´t there production companies in Canada. Those are the same questions that I was thinking when I heard the news.

We have been filming Porsche Camp commercials here in Finland and it seems that they are really satisfied about the results. And the fact that we can work with quite small team makes us also affordable even we have to cross the atlantic ocean to get on the set.

Pera went already to check the locations with Canon 60D and action cameras with him. Destination is near Montreal. I should fly there on Thursday and bring the Epic and all the Grip equipment needed.

My luggage didn´t eat all that I wanted to take with me on the set. Now my luggages are bit over weighted with only basics packed. We decided to rent sliders, dollies and everything else needed in Montreal.

Here´s the Porsche Commercial that we have filmed here in Finland.


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