Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter has taken over. This is what we did in Summer 2012

It´s already January and last blog post was in May.

No, we are not dead. Still hanging on this side :)

We just had a little time off after the winter season though we had couple quite interesting projects.

Early summer we were filming a indie feature film called Priest and his Master (Herramme Lampaat) directed and starred by our screenwriter P.J.Piippo and Editor Kim Saarinen. Coffin full of black humor on this one. Film will be released later on this year.

In June we made a filmshoot for Finnish Defence Forces. Our task was to film pyroshots with Red Epic. Loads of gasoline and dynamite for 2 days of filming. Footage reminds me the music video Rooster from the Alice in Chains.

We also did couple videos for WRC driver Mikko Hirvonen. Pera filmed videos for him in Sweden, Mexico, Portugal, Germany and in Finland we did a bit bigger production including a Red Epic on a Skydivers helmet.

We´ll try to keep on updating this blog now when winter season has started again.

Here´s something from the summer:

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