Monday, February 11, 2013

Operation Porsche Camp Canada: On the set

The film set of Porshce Camp Canada was near Esterel, at the Megaclisse motorsport park. Porsche is having Camp4 and Camp4s there. We were there to film the commercial for those camps.

The weather was terrible when Pera (our producer) arrived Montreal. It was +10 celcius and everything was melting. After first day it turned to -20 celcius, so quite slippery to drive. Even with Porsche.

Pera Scouted the location and visited CinePool rental at Montreal to rent a dolly and tracks for us. Nice coincidence that the new music video for Nightwish was filmed in the studio next door and the staff from CinePool were also involved in the project.

CinePool staff were bit surprised that we have come all the way from Finland to film a commercial for Porsche Camp Canada, but what so ever they wished us good luck for the project and were really helpful with the cine tools.

During our filming days the weather was quite cold. From -18 to -28 celsius and the wind was blowing 4-10ms, so the fact about the wind factor was proven us every day. Sun light was another thing that was different from Finland. Sun was much higher and much harder than in Finland this time. Hard contrast in light and the fact that trees didn´t have snowcover made it bit challenging to film, but the time around the sunset was beautifully colored.. We didn´t have any sunlotion nor sunglasses with us, cause Lappish mind don´t count them in accesories in January. So we were redskins, like the original americans.

Beside the track, we were also filming the briefing and dinner in the Hotel Esterel. It was nice to notice that Porsche is using a film made by us all over the world when they brief the ice driving. So it´s good to end this blog post in that video. Now we are in Finland and we are preparing to film the new Porsche Promo 2014 in Finland



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