Friday, January 6, 2012

New toy: Kessler ShuttlePod & RevolutionHead

It seems we´ve been really good last year because we got so many good presents this Christmas. First we had the Red Epic, but we also got a package from Kessler Cranes. We didn´t have time to open it untill now.
Package included Shuttlepod (small dolly), rails, RevolutionHead (tilt&pan head), pocketdolly, 3 different speed motors and two Orcle remote controllers.

ShuttlePod can be used to do normal dolly movements with medium size cameras, but Kessler products are more famous to be used in timelapse photography. Oracle controller has easy to use smartlapse feature to program VERY slow camera movements to be used in timelapse photography.

Maybe the best example "what you can do with Kessler" is Tom Lowe, Timescapes:

or Norwegian Terje Sorgjerd with Arctic Light:

We just opened the package so we don´t have our mindblowing nature timelapse on air yet. We did couple tests though.

First one was just a simple dolly movement with camera tilt while cleaning the office:

And as the second test we made the shuttlepod to climb our stairs to second floor while we cleaned the studio.

I can´t wait to get out in the wilderness to make some nice timelapse photography. It has promised better weather day after tomorrow, maybe then..