Sunday, January 29, 2012

Arctic Lapland Rally with Red Epic

26.-28.01.2012 Was the 47th Arctic Lapland Rally in Rovaniemi. Our crew was hired to film a micro documentary videoblog about the rally and the things what happens behind the scenes. We had 3 lightweight&mobile camera groups, incar gopros and our team with Red Epic filming the material. Our goal was to film stylish slomo shots from the drifts & jumps and the mobile teams were more capable to shoot more material at distant locations and pitstop areas.

The weather was maybe most challenging that you could imagine for Red Epic. As we know Epic is like a computer that has lens on it. Temperature was under -20 almost the whole week and the air was full of flying ice particles from the track. The event was in Rovaniemi where we still have open river making the air humid despite the arctic temperature. Every time when car drifted near the camera the spiketires lifted up a storm of ice.

Red wasn´t the only one suffering the conditions. Here´s one example of our production cars that had all possible warning lights on

Red had no problems what so ever. The touchscreen monitor was the thing we were worried about before we got the camera, but it didn´t had any problems. The drawing of the monitor and the touchability functioned well. Only problem was that you couldn´t use the touchscreen with a touchscreen pen and you had to do it with your bare fingers. In -25 operating your camera settings with bare fingers isn´t nice. We´re still waiting the RedMote to arrive that allows us to controll the camera without touchscreen.

Last day we were filming slomo jumps in the rally arena and got some really nice ones captured 2k 300fps and 4k 100fps. You can check the results from our daily videos, or the final compilation that will be published soon.

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